27 February 2014

Top women XP Energy

Top women XP energy. The world of engineering is changing for the better. The playing field has been levelled, and it’s now easy to see that in the future the engineering profession will no longer be dominated by men.
Looking towards this future, the leaders of the energy industry are on a hunt for the most talented female engineers in the world today.
On behalf of SubSea 7, GDFSUEZ and E.ON, Careers International is proud to invite 100 ambitious female engineers to this prestigious summit that will take place in Brussels on 26 March 2014.
If you are a female with a successful track record or interest in the energy sector who is looking to move on to the next stage in your career, apply today. Your dedication and ambition won’t go unnoticed, and top managers from eight leading companies in the sector are waiting to discuss your future with you.
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