dimarts, 18 de febrer de 2014

20 Project managers per Canada

Job description

  • Overall Project delivery for the Region including accountability for the project’s profit and loss
  • Provides clear direction to team members and distributes workload to capitalize on individual and group strengths while ensuring balanced exposure to work experience and development opportunities
  • Works in alignment with other regional senior project management to drive consistency in deliverables
  • Ensures site safety and environmental standards are met or exceeded.
  • Ensures that the quality of materials and workmanship meet or exceed standards identified in approval documents
  • Achieves project schedule commitments within the financial targets
  • Maintains and tracks billings, reports and projections and implements trade awards and construction work within financial targets and constraints
  • Sets expected levels of documentation, standards for accounting issues, methodology of budget control, types of bids (fixed price, cost plus, unit price), etc.
  • Provides strong leadership to construction team members, capitalizing on individual and group strengths

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