dissabte, 25 de gener de 2014

Embedded software engineer per Holanda

Un company politècnic que està treballant a Holanda ens envia una oferta

The job

As an Embedded Software Engineer, you will be responsible for the development and implementation of (real-time) software in C and C++. You will be part of a team and work on software development projects in the segments  Machine & Systems, Healthcare, Energy and Automotive.
You will work in complex development environments and the software you develop can generally be found in high-tech machines. Clearly you will have to keep up with the latest technical developments and will be offered ample opportunity to do so – but we consider your personal development equally important.
What do we expect from an Embedded Software Engineer?
  • A completed Bachelor’s degree in e.g. (Technical) Information Science, Computer Science, Embedded Systems Engineering or Electrical Engineering
  • At least 2 years of work experience in developing embedded software, preferably in Linux or Windows CE
  • Familiar with C and C++
  • Knowledge of (some of) the following techniques: Unix, VxWorks, UML, Scripting, MatLab, Clearquest or Clarecase
  • An affinity for machine engineering, mechatronics and/or (performance) algorithms  is an advantage
  • Good communication skills in Dutch and English
  • You have a valid driver’s licence
What do we offer an Embedded Software Engineer?
  • You will be stationed in Eindhoven, Deventer, Groningen or Barendrecht
  • You will work in your own area, taking your commute time into account
  • You will have a lease car of your choice with fuel allowance within the EU
  • We also offer intensive personal coaching for career development
  • In addition to a good, market-conformable salary, we offer a fixed 13th month
  • You will have excellent training opportunities (incl. certification) and a €150 annual book allowance
  • Net monthly expense allowance
  • 29 days of leave
Si esteu interessats o teniu alguna consulta podeu escriure a albert.caba.monton @ gmail.com