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Marie Curie Postdoctoral Position (Ref. ER-GG) per a l'IBEC

Application Deadline: 31/01/2014 

The Nanoscale Bioelectrical Characterization group at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) is looking for an Experienced Researcher (postdoc) to develop theoretical methods to model electrical nanoscale phenomena investigated by using scanning probe microscopes. These methods will be used to study the electrical properties of small-scale systems relevant in molecular and cell biology, within the framework of the NANOMICROWAVE Marie Curie Initial Training Network.
Tasks and responsibilities:
- Development and implementation of novel finite-element numerical models of small-scale and biomolecular systems under the effect of external electric fields generated by nanometrically sharp conducting probes.
- Identification, assessment and optimization of the models for efficient interpretation of experimental data obtained in the same research group, developing software codes and analysis routine to address them.
- Contribute to the drafting and submitting of: papers to peer-reviewed journals/conferences/workshops, progress reports and further research bids and proposals.
- Induction and direction of other research staff and students.

Requirements for candidates:
- PhD in Physics, Mathematics or Engineering, or 4 to 5 year experience in research (full time equivalent).
- Experience working with 2D and 3D finite element numerical software for electric applications, preferably with COMSOL MULTIPHYSICS.
- Extensive experience in modeling nanoscale electrical phenomena and theoretical interpretation of electrical scanning probe techniques such as EFM, Kelvin Probe Microscopy, Current Sensing AFM or Scanning Microwave Microscopy.
- Excellent knowledge of computational software for analyzing experimental data such as MATHCAD, MATLAB or MATHEMATICA.
- Experience on managing a research project and setting research targets.
- High level of English.
- Good oral and written presentation skills.
- Skills: Teamwork, leadership, attention to detail, ability to meet deadlines, logical and independent thinking.
- Transnational Mobility Requirement: At the time of selection, researchers must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Spain for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to their recruitment.

We Offer:
- 2 year, full time contract.
- Very competitive salary and mobility allowance. Envisaged starting date: February-March 2013.
- Stimulating, interdisciplinary research and high quality international scientific environment.

Interested applicants should send their CV, cover letter and references to:, before 31/01/2014 (Reference: ER-GG).


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11 Beques de col·laboració a desenvolupar en els diferents serveis del CCCB, curs 2018

Aquestes beques tenen per objecte el perfeccionament docent dels beneficiaris per tal de completar la seva formació pràctica i contribuir en la inserció laboral, fomentant l’autoformació i aproximant els estudiants al context professional.

Podran sol·licitar la seva participació en la present convocatòria les persones que reuneixin algun dels requisits següents: 

Estar matriculat en la Facultat de la Universitat corresponent, cursant estudis de grau amb un mínim de 120 crèdits superats, màster o doctorat, durant el curs acadèmic 2017 -2018.Estar titulat en els estudis de grau, màster, corresponents a la beca per la qual s’opta. La data de la titulació ha de ser posterior a l’any 2013. No es podran presentar a la present convocatòria aquelles persones que hagin gaudit amb anterioritat d’una beca del CCCB.

Àrea d’Audiovisuals i CCCBLab Nombre de beques: 2 
Àrea de Debat i Educació: Nombre de beques: 3
Àrea d’Exposicions i Activitats Culturals: Nombre de beques: 3
Servei de Comunicació: Nombre…

Smart Cities Challenge by Philips Lighting

You are a driven start-up ready to take part in a bright adventure to improve our cities and make them smarter, more efficient, more sustainable... among other things! You know anything there is to know about IoT, AI, sensors, light, technology, smart cities and want to propose innovative ideas and solutions that will have a real impact on our everyday life? Then this challenge is for you!

Philips Lighting invites start-ups from across the world to join this new challenge - coming up with innovative ideas and solutions to answer the following problematic:

How can we use lighting networks to improve our cities and everyday life?

Deadline 10/06/2018

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Guía Hays del Mercado Laboral 2019

La Guía del Mercado Laboral 2019, elaborada por Hays, te ofrece toda la información que necesitas para tener un retrato del panorama laboral durante este año. Este estudio cuenta con las respuestas de más de 2.500 profesionales, 5.000 empresas, y 50 escuelas y universidades como representación del sector académico. 

Se trata de una publicación de carácter anual donde se analiza la evolución del Mercado Laboral en España, incluyendo los salarios que se ofrecen en este momento y las posiciones que van a generar más empleo en los sectores en los que tenemos presencia: Atención al Cliente, Banca, Construcción e Inmobiliaria, Digital, Finanzas, Ingeniería, Legal, Life Sciences, Logística, Marketing y Ventas, Office Support, Recursos Humanos, Retail, Seguros y Tecnologías de la Información.