dimarts, 26 de novembre de 2013

Under the Severo Ochoa programme, the BSC will carry out multidisciplinary research to address the complex challenges in the path towards Exascale computing, co-developing energy efficient and high performance hardware and software platforms with applications in personalised medicine, modelling of human organs, and global models for climate change and air quality prediction.
Within this context the Parallel Programming Models group from the Computer Science Department at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center is offering a Engineer position to develop a framework for Domain Specific Languages that leverages the power of HPC Systems
Main Responsabilities:
  • A Domain Specific Language (DSL) for solving Convection Diffusion Reaction (CDR) equations
Qualifications & Experience
We are looking for a motivated and talented Engineer or Master/PhD student with background/interest in functional programming languages, domain specific languages (DSLs), parallel programming and computer architecture.
The position requires knowledge of Haskell/Scala and C/C++ languages. We will value previous experience in the development of DSLs, programming models and/or experience with parallel and distributed programming in general. Knowledge of OmpSs, MPI or CUDA/OpenCL (or other parallel languages) will be valued.
  • BS or above in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Telecommunications Engineering.
The position will be located at BSC within the Computer Sciences department in collaboration with the specific program coordinator. The contract will be for 2 years.
 Closing date: 11/12/2013