dijous, 17 d’octubre de 2013

Fire and Safety Engineer per Belgica


Enginium People & Projects is working for an international engineering company in Belgium.

The assignment is to review the Safety & Fire of a nucleare site in Belgium

You will be part of The Fire & Explosion Safety Team, which is part of the “Process &
Systems” Competence Centre. They are in charge of the following activities:
  • Feasibility studies, design studies, modification studies of Fire Safety installations.
  • Diagnoses and audits of Fire Safety installations.

  • Modeling of Fire water supply system, simulation of Fires in confined spaces

  • Operations & Maintenance support for Fire Safety equipment.

  • Design specifications, procurement specifications, implementation & start-up of Fire Safety installations.


You will take in charge various tasks relating to engineering support to the power generating units in the field of Fire Safety. As Fire Safety Engineer you can, depending on your experience, act as Expert or Technical Coach for Fire Safety projects. Depending on your function in the project you will have to determine, according to the regulations and standards, the technical solutions to be provided to the customer, to perform fire simulations or risk assessments, to manage the study or contract time schedule, cost and quality, to collaborate with engineers of other fields of expertise

  • Engineer, preferably with experience in Fire Safety activities, with high interest in technical and regulations/standards matters.
  • Good language skills : French and English,
  • Ability to draft reports, technical papers and synthesis documents
  • Inquiring and critical mind, dynamic, rigorous, pragmatic.
  • Capacity to assume responsibilities and to take initiative and an ability to work autonomously.
  • Team player and capacity to develop personal contacts, good listener and communicator.

Enginium People & Projects has a care program:
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  • we look for the transport
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Please send your CV to Koenraad De Boodt, managing director : kdeboodt@enginiumgroup.com