dimarts, 3 de setembre de 2013

Pre-doctoral research fellowship in computer vision:Integration of anatomic-functional data via normalized coordinates maps based on physiological markers, funded

Lloc: CVC - CAMPUS UAB (Bellaterra)
The IAM group at the Computer Vision Center (www.cvc.uab.es) offers a 4 year predoc contract. The contract is associated to a project funded by the Spanish Government and has a travelling budget of 6000 euro per year.

The candidate will join the project FISIOLOGICA: Integration of anatomic-functional data via normalized coordinates maps based on physiological markers, funded by the Spanish government project TIN2012-33116. The FISIOLOGICA project aims at defining generic anatomical coordinate systems allowing physicians to locate pathologies, navigate to the injured tissue during intervention time, integrate data coming from different medical image devices and compare anatomies across patients and time for diagnose and follow-up.  

Such coordinates will unwrap organs anatomical volume mapping equivalent anatomical sites to the same coordinates in a unitary cubic domain through processing of different medical image modalities (such as magnetic resonance, computerized tomography or endoscopy). Different coordinate systems will be defined depending on each organ topology: spherical (like livers), toroidal (like the myocardium) or cylindrical (like bronchi or colon). The main application areas will be cardiac diagnose, hepatic transplant planning and endoscopic navigation.

Further information about the project and hosting research group might be found at http://iam.cvc.uab.es/.

The candidate must have a degree in Mathematics, Physics or Engineering. A master in computer vision, image processing, graphics or similar will be highly appreciated. The ideal candidate should have a strong mathematical background, computational skills, fluent English and be fond of medical image processing.
Positions are open from 26th August to 10th September. Candidates should follow the instructions given at the Spanish Ministry web site: