dimecres, 18 de setembre de 2013

‘Early Stage Researcher’ on membrane-integrated systems for water reuse per LEQUIA / Sanitas

Marie Curie Fellowship for an ‘Early Stage Researcher’ position at LEQUIA – UdG to study membrane-integrated systems for water reuse

SANITAS – (Marie Curie Initial Training Network) – invites applications for a full-time research position at the Laboratory of Chemical and Environmental Engineering (LEQUIA), Universitat de Girona, Spain. The selected researcher will implement an Individual Research Project (IRP) and will participate in an international training programme.  

Title of the IRP: Optimization of membrane-integrated systems (MBR followed by NF/RO) for water reuse

Contract duration: 21 months

Brief description of the project: The research objectives of this IRP are the following: 1) to assess the fate of pharmaceuticals, microbiological indicators and disinfection-by-products; 2) to assess NF/RO fouling mitigation strategies; 3) to reduce energy requirements of the whole integrated membrane system and 4) to study treatment options (e.g. AOP) for the NF/RO concentrate and sludge wasted. The recruited researcher is required to undertake two secondments at SANITAS partner institutions.

Deadline for application: 25th September 2013

Instructions for submission: http://www.sanitas-itn.eu/mgmt/1075-2/http://www.sanitas-itn.eu/mgmt/1075-2/