dijous, 22 d’agost de 2013

Biosensors Engineer per ISGlobal

The successful candidate will have the following primary responsibilities:
  •  Design, fabricate, and evaluate device components of biochemical sensors and detection units to determine DDT concentration on treated surfaces.
  • Create potentially patentable components for systems, sensors or processes to evaluate
  • Apply for competitive grants to further develop the prototype (biosensor) to determine DDT concentration on treated surfaces.

Location: Barcelona
Secondary functions: Identify suitable concepts and collaborate/lead other researchers at CRESIB & CREAL on internal development projects. 
Other conditions: Willingness to work at different institutions in Barcelona (CRESIB, CREAL, IBEC and IDEAE) if required.
Requirements Education: Candidates for the position should have an in-depth understanding of sensor methodologies and proven experience in biosensor devices development, specifically:
  • PhD or MS degree in bioengineering, material sciences, analytical chemistry and/or related fields
  • Excellent English communication and grant writing skills

Experience: Must have 1-2 years hands-on experience in
  • Design and development of electrochemical biosensors
  • Development of microfluidics and micromachined detection devices
  • Sensor surface chemistry and functionalization
  • Electrochemical and photometric surface signal amplification, detection, and data analysis
  • Experience in bioconjugation techniques in protein /antibody /enzyme /nucleic acid and novel bioassay development is highly preferred 

How to apply?:
Applicants must send a cover lette and a CV to the following address: job@isglobal.org with the following reference: BIOSENSORS
The closing date is Friday 6/09/2013 at 18.00h
Please note that only candidates invited for the interview will be contacted.