dimecres, 31 de juliol de 2013

Systems Stress Engineers for the UK

Systems Stress Engineering work for the UK, Bombardier Global 7000 & 8000 - Centre Fuselage Systems Installation - Stress: 
-Environmental Control System 
-Hydraulic Bay 
-Fire Detection System-Main Landing Gear 
-Flight Controls 
-Wing Anti-Ice &Protection System 
-Control Cables 
-Oxygen System 
-Water/Waste System 
-Fuel Tank Inerting System 
-Antennas & Drain Masts 
-Stress Engineering (FEM, static analysis, F&DT, etc...) 

Engineers should have at least 5 years experience. 

Candidates interested in participating in this recruitment process, please send updated cv to: eva.samore@ghenova.com.