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Oferta a les nacions unides: HUMAN SETTLEMENTS OFFICER

Org. Setting and Reporting

The United Nations Human Settlements Programme, UN-Habitat, is the agency for human settlements. It is mandated by the UN General Assembly to promote socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities with the goal of providing adequate shelter for all.  The post is located in the Urban Planning and Design Branch.
Under the direct supervision of the Regional and Metropolitan Unit Leader, the incumbent will be responsible for the following duties: 

1.  Project management, implementation and advisory services: 

  • Provide technical assistance and guidance support by contributing to project development, negotiations, implementation, monitoring of activities, leading/participating in missions aimed at development of the New Urban Agenda of UN-Habitat. 
  • Ensure effective and efficient management of the project resources.  
  • Facilitate and provide advisory services meetings and conferences on the New Urban Agenda. 
2.  Effective advocacy and partnerships: 
  • Provide support through documentation and facilitating networking with partners and programmes contribution. 
  • Identify and promote programmes opportunities and resource mobilization, and provide operational/ organizational support to all UN-Habitat activities in Spain. 
  • Initiate and coordinate outreach activities; conduct training workshops and seminars, make presentation on assigned topics/activities. 
3.  Representation and Liaising with Spanish key stakeholders: 

  • Act as the in-country liaison officer for UN-HABITAT. 
  • Elaborate and present annual reports and institutional information to stakeholders. 
  • .Participate in the formulation of multilateral programming instruments to bring to bear UN-Habitat substantive knowledge and potential contribution, and to strive to place UN-Habitat within the framework of the programming instruments. 
Perform as required, other duties relevant to the position

Termini per aplicar 23/08

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