dilluns, 10 de juny de 2013

One Day with the Siemens Graduate Program

El proper dijous 13 de juny un nou One day with. En aquesta ocasió Siemens ens presenta el seu Gradauate Program.

The Siemens Graduate Program (SGP) is an international development program for recent graduates at Siemens, that has been encouraging the development of future leaders and the promotion of excellence since 1922. Today, the SGP is an intensive and internationally oriented two-year program that prepares fresh talents for future leadership tasks, offering both flexibility and diverse work experiences.

The program consists of three challenging eight-month assignments, during which the participants gain familiarity with at least two functional areas in one of the Sectors, while taking on various responsibilities and project work in assignments in the home country and abroad. An intensive training program, a personal mentor and the opportunity for personal and career development are among the most valuable benefits that the program offers.

Location: Germany, Russia, USA, China, France, India, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, Denmark.

El proper 13 de juny a les 12:15

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