dilluns, 17 de juny de 2013

Enginyer químic per Suecia

Arbetsgivare Sol Voltaics AB 

Arbetsplatsen belägen i kommun Lund Platsbeskrivning

 Ink and Deposition - Chemist Ref. no. 17-05-1 

Sol Voltaics improves the efficiency of energy capture, generation and storage using 
miniscule amounts of nanomaterials. We are a small but fast-growing company developing 
a high volume production technology called Aerotaxy. Our nanowire (NW) solar cell 
technology improves efficiency of solar cells, contributing to a sustainable energy world. 

What will you do? 

As a Chemist, your main responsibility will be NW Ink synthesis. Your tasks will include 
synthesis, optimization and standardization of SolinkT batches and development of various 
characterization and qualification techniques and procedures. 

Who are we looking for? 

You are a Chemist, Chemical Engineer or Materials Scientist and you hold the equivalent of 
a Master's degree or higher and have 2+ years of work experience in industry. Familiarity 
with process design and optimization and/or chemical synthesis as well as design of 
experiments and statistical data analysis will be a plus. 
You are a high-paced, independent, hands-on experimentalist who wants to spend 
significant time in the laboratory. You can take responsibility for development projects and 
you are a practical problem solver. 
You are excited about being part of a high energy start-up and are prepared to help out 
with tasks that lie outside of your usual responsibility area when needed. The day-to-day 
work is in Lund, Sweden, but the position could require some travel. 

Ink and Deposition 

The Ink and Deposition team develops methods and formulations leading to production and 
application of SolinkT, a solar panel additive containing gallium arsenide nanowires, which 
promises to increase the efficiency of solar modules up to 25 percent. 
By joining our team, you become part of one of the most exciting technology startups in 
Northern Europe. Sol Voltaics offers its employees an opportunity to be part of developing 
a completely new, high efficiency, nanowire-based photovoltaic material. We promote 
success and ambition, celebrate victories and believe in a work-life balance. Sol Voltaics 
also provides competitive pay and benefits. 


Send us your application (CV/resume and cover letter - make sure to tell us why you 
are the best fit for this job!) in an e-mail to miguel.salvador@arbetsformedlingen.se
with copy to eures-palmas.bellon@sepe.es. The reference number for this position is