dijous, 16 de maig de 2013

Different projects (Functional Surface, Higienisation, Acoustics, Laser Mechanization per a Bosch Siemens HE

The Topics include following work content:

  • Systematic analysis of the prior art
  • Analysis and optimisation of technologies for surface functionalisation and for improved higienisation features
  • Creation an evaluation of improvements and new concepts
  • Proof of concept
  • Development of functional samples and “protoypes“ and the functional proof of the target device
  • ÿ Laser mechanization in  polymers (occasionally metals and glasses). Use of laser marking technology to do funcionalization in surfaces of home appliances. Development of new laser research area by means of enhancing the radiation matter interaction. 
  • Experience in R&D in related technology fields 
  • University degree in chemistry (or chemical engineering), physics or engineering 
  • Experimental  Laser handling experience, physico-chemical characterization. Heat affected zone, microstructural and laser treatment characterization 
  • Doctoral degree or at least 4 years full-time research experience

Requirements and experiences

Starting date: Approximately January 2014

Duration:  24 months

Location: BSH Spain (Zaragoza) in close collaboration with local laser centres of Spain 

Minimum gross annual salary: 57.000 € (training expenses and monthly allowance are not included here) 

Observación: Not have resided or carried out their main activity in Spain for more than 3 years in the 5 years immediately prior to August 2013 (requisito de la Comisión Europea)

Podeu aplicar a Rrhh-bsh@bshg.com