dilluns, 2 de gener de 2012

Oferta: Web Semantics Computer Scientist

Web Semantics Computer Scientist
2 years contract

Instituto Astrofísica de Andalucía - CSIC
Granada, Spain

Wf4Ever is an EU FP7 funded project lead by Intelligent Software Components iSOCO and embracing research groups and institutions from several European countries: Instituto Astrofísica de Andalucía – CSIC, University of Manchester, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center, University of Oxford, Leiden University Medical Centrer.
This is an offer for a graduate contract of 2 years, starting as soon as possible and based at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía - CSIC, in Granada, Spain. The candidate will work with an interdisciplinary team of national and international researchers, and will be a key member of the Workflows for Ever (Wf4Ever) AMIGA working group. Among the main goals of Wf4Ever are allowing the methodology to be preserved and become re-usable by scientists, contribute to the repeatability of the experiments and ensure the reproducibility of the results. The candidate will apply provenance models, vocabularies, ontologies and semantics technologies to Wf4Ever Astronomy use cases, which are based on the study of galaxies.


  • To perform a detailed characterization of the state of the art and initiatives in semantics in the Astronomy domain, and specifically in the Virtual Observatory
  • To identify common activities between the Wf4Ever project and the Virtual Observatory
  • To integrate models and semantics issued from Wf4Ever with VO standards
  • To participate in the Virtual Observatory Semantics Working Group
  • To develop missing vocabularies, ontologies, semantics in Astronomy


  • Web Semantics
  • Ontologies
  • Vocabularies
  • Models
  • Linked Data

Though no knowledge of Astronomy is needed, a good command of English language is required, which is the official language of the project
Interested candidates should send a CV to Jose Enrique Ruiz (jer@iaa.es)

More info: http://amiga.iaa.es/p/233-recruiting-web-semantics.htm

AMIGA : AMIGA group is recruiting !


The AMIGA project (Analysis of the interstellar Medium of Isolated GAlaxies) is an exhaustive study of a complete sample of ~1000 isolated galaxies and the creation of an associated database in the Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia.