divendres, 8 de juliol de 2011

Oferta: Protein purification facility technician


The technician will have the responsibility for the management and organization of the protein purification facility and the maintenance of the equipment. In addition he/she will assist the users of the facility in the protein purification tasks.

Qualifications and experience: 

The ideal candidate should hold a BSc degree in Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry or similar. Experimental experience in protein purification will be highly appreciated. The candidate should be flexible, communicative, organized and highly motivated.

-IBMB Web site: http://www.ibmb.csic.es/

-To apply for this post, please send a CV, copy of the certificate and academic record by e-mail to : efrcri@ibmb.csic.es

-Deadline: 15/July/2011