dilluns, 20 de juny de 2011

Oferta: C/C++ Developper for job position in France.

Emmanuelle Giuge  ha publicat aquesta oferta al grup de l’Associació d’Amics de la UPC a Linkedin

LXA is a young and dynamic consulting company, located in the heart of Sophia-Antipolis (France).

Our motto is to promote our consultants to improve their skills, to offer major projects, and to maintain a close and human relationship.

Our projects focus on all areas of computer engineering and project management.

Through our network of local partners, we have many opportunities with major players in the region.

We have a challenge to win with you: your first position.

If you graduated from a Master degree (2 years experience are appreciated also), interested in developing in C / C + +, participate in the V cycle, in an international context (spoken English required), we have opportunities for you.

The candidates interested in these positions must be able to work in the European Union.

Feel free to contact me: egiuge@lxa-conseil.fr or my LinkedIn profile.

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