dilluns, 9 de maig de 2011

Oferta: STATISTICIAN (United Nations) Geneve


UN_IMG_EN_348 Under the direct supervision of the Chief Monitoring, Evaluation Risk Management and Statistical Verification Section, Division of Conference Management, the incumbent:

  • Assists in designing, organizing, planning and managing the collection, evaluation, analysis, methodologies, compilation and dissemination of statistical data.
  • Drafts regular comprehensive analytical statistical reports on performance results and risk assessment.
  • Organizes statistical operations necessary to control and verify the procedures and the resulting data.
  • Organizes the work of the Statistical Verification Task Force, scrutinises statistical data and prepares reports on the findings.
  • Prepares statistical input for Logical Framework and Programme Budget, and workload and other critical indicators related to performance monitoring, evaluation and reporting;
  • Assists in developing and organizing data bases and relevant statistical tools;
  • Assists in developing, implementing and managing statistical database(s).
  • Inspects data contained in data-bases to ensure accuracy of the statistical reporting on performance management, risk analysis and results.
  • Assists in training and technical support on data collection programmes and other related information.
  • Assists in harmonization of statistical procedures within the concept of Integrated Global Management, including revision of formulas, standards, definitions, classifications and codifications.
  • Assists in the organization of statistical working groups and expert meetings.
  • Organizes and analyses client satisfaction research and studies, including  survey analysis, client satisfaction analysis and performance analysis, reports on the findings and provides inputs for the feedback to the clients.
  • Guides, trains and supervises general service staff in the function. 
    Performs other duties as assigned.

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