dilluns, 4 d’abril de 2011

Oferta: FrontEnd Engineer (Tuenti)




TITULADO EN: Ingeniería Informática, Ingeniería Industrial,


Experiencia: 1 o 2 años
Formación Complementaria: PHP, Java, C#

Idiomas: Ingles--> Alto

Informática: Programación
Programas: PHP, Java, C#


Carnet de conducir: No necesaria
Disponibilidad para viajar: No necesaria


Tuenti is seeking talented both junior and senior engineers to join our Frontend Engineering team. This team develops and maintains all parts of the Tuenti application stack that touch a web browser, covering the full communication flow between the end user and the Tuenti Backend API. Frontend engineers are the engineers who are closest to the product development of Tuenti. Interaction with product management and user support personnel is part of the daily work. The challenges faced every day in extending and improving the Tuenti user experience also require vast knowledge in how to produce highly maintainable and extensible object-oriented code . A frontend engineer must feel the need to build a product that works fast and flawlessly, be passionate about eliminating any problems as soon as they are discovered, and take pride in doing so. Responsibilities: • Implement and maintain product and technical features of the Tuenti web applications in PHP5 and Javascript • Re-factor existing Javascript and PHP code to improve it • Implement and maintain automated tests of the Tuenti user interface • Write PHP-doc style documentation of all methods and classes implemented • Analyse and eliminate security vulnerabilities • Debug issues on the web and mobile websites, based on user reports • Participate in product development and feature design processes Requirements: • Extensive knowledge of object-oriented programming and software architecture (preferably in PHP; Java/C# acceptable) • Enjoy experimenting with new browser technologies, user interfaces, and 3rd-party APIs • 1-2+ years experience with rich web applications • strong will to adhere to best practices in OO development and a need to leave well-structured code in your tracks • basic knowledge of Javascript • strong analytical and problem-solving skills • ability to plan work, set timelines and execute to plan • familiarity with using, troubleshooting, and specifying APIs • Will to participate in code stabilization and release schedule


Tipo de contrato: Temporal
Duración(en meses): 24
Formación A Cargo De La Empresa: Si
Jornada Semanal(Horas): 40


Referencia: Frontend
Persona de contacto: Departamento RR.HH.
E-mai: npizarro@tuenti.com
Web de la empresa: jobs.tuenti.com
Fecha límite recepción de candidatura: 15/06/2011