dimarts, 27 de juliol de 2010

Chief Executive Officer

Target Start Date

01 November 2010

Position Description

This CEO post has a standard role of setting strategies, managing budgets, operations, marketing, creation of company culture and human resources. The CEO reports to the board of directors

Company Description

The company manages a leading science park in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region. Being a newly formed company, it is expected to start small and grow as more projects, partnerships and funds are secured. The company is responsible for managing investments in both real-estate and intellectual properties. It has VC-related activities and technology development/transfer roles. It is associated with a leading research university and the company will be the investment arm of the university.

CEO Job Requirements

· A Visionary Leader with proven track record of leadership and deep industry knowledge
· A degree in a relevant field and MBA with emphasis in Marketing and Finance
· Minimum of 10 years experience in business development
· Well established relationships across his/her industry, and the ability to attract a core team of executives to the organization
· A degree in a relevant area
· Knowledge and respect of local and regional culture
· Past success in an executive level leadership capacity with a research park (preferably current or former CEO or President)
· Track record in recruiting anchor companies in a research parks
· Proven experience and success in public/media relations, sales and marketing and public private partnership
· High level of expertise in developing, expanding and improving relationships with numerous external organizations and stakeholders (both public and private) to further the Partnership’s mission
· Proven ability to attract, retain, and develop excellent staff
· Solid financial acumen, with experience in developing and managing budgets
· Superior interpersonal skills
· Politically astute
· Leader with high integrity, credibility and ethics
· Driven to achieve a high level of success, not satisfied with status quo
· Be able to interact nationally and internationally (Bi-lingual(English & Arabic) is preferable)


The post has an attractive package based on qualifications and experience. However, package terms and conditions will be discussed during the application process.


CEOs interested in submitting a résumé for this position may do so via e-mail to:rbashiri@gmail.com
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